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How to trim your toenails

I’m sure you have all heard the “cut them straight across”.  Unfortunately if you take this advice literally then you will have sharp right angles at the edges of your nails which can cut into the adjacent toe. You may have heard the classic “Cut a V in the end of your toenail” to help avoid or fix an ingrown toenail. This old wife’s/(husband’s) tale unfortunately doesn’t work long term and can leave sharp edges which can catch on socks, stockings and scratch you or your partner during the night!

When cutting your toenails you should cut them following the contour of the toe. You can round the edges slightly but be careful not to cut too far down the edges. See our YouTube video on how to cut your toenails correctly. As with any job you not only need to know the technique to use but also you need to use the right tools. Most people either use scissors or nail nippers (which may slip off or crush the toenail) however to get the best result you should use good quality, sharp nail clippers.

Sometimes toenails develop strange shapes or infections that mean they can’t be cut in the conventional way and need professional treatment. If you are using the right technique and the right tools but you are still having problems then make an appointment to see us at Irymple Foot Clinic by calling us on 50246333 or clicking on the “Request an Appointment” button on the top right hand corner of this web-page.

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