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Can Irymple Foot Clinic Help Bunions?

Yes we can!

Often we blame bunions on bad footwear however they form due to the structure of our foot which is inherited from our parents or due to medical conditions such as arthritis. Footwear can exacerbate the condiditon by puting pressure on the bunion causing it to become red and sore however does not cause the condition. Studies have been done based on the native inhabitants of Papua New Guinea who have never worn shoes......and guess what....some of them had bunions!

Our Podiatrists can advise you on many conservative ways to help reduce the pain associated with bunions which may include:

  • Footwear advice/modification
  • Application of padding, cushioning and strapping
  • Orthoses / Orthotics / Shoe inserts

If you have tried all the conservative measures to gain relief from your pain and it is not working then it may be time to consider surgery. Talk to your Podiatrists and ask their advise during your consultation and if you are ready ask for a recommendation to good Podiatric Surgeon or Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in foot and ankle surgery such as Dr Linda Ferris at the Foot and Ankle Centre in Adelaide.

If you have problems with bunions then call 50246333 or Email us today to make an appointment with one of our fully qualified and experienced Podiatrists.

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