High Heels Friend or Foe?

 by Tracey Meyer (Master Podiatrist)


Many women wear high heels on a regular basis saying that they make them feel more feminine, confident and sexy. Unfortunately these perceived benefits can come at a huge cost to your short and long term foot health.


Plantar Warts

by Tracey Meyer (Master Podiatrist)

G'day, I'm Tracey, one of the Foot Doctors at Irymple Foot Clinic! Today I’m going to give it to you straight, no jargon about plantar warts.

Plantar warts, Papilloma, Verucca, plantar verrucae or verrucae pedis they are all the same thing. Even though “plantar” means “bottom” of the foot the term plantar warts is used to refer to warts anywhere on the feet. They can be singular, multiple or form a mosaic type pattern. They are the same as warts on other parts of the body but can look a bit different under the foot as they are a bit like an iceberg – there is more underneath than on top because it gets pushed up into the foot.