Mildura Council Planning Department gets it wrong again!

Hot on the heels of their most recent "Cowra Ave Extension" debarcle, a new proposed promotional billboard to be installed in the heart of Irymple has been a well kept secret and stinks of "jobs for the boys".

Apart from sending letters to adjacent property owners as required by the Planning Act this proposed development has been kept secret from the residents of Irymple. The council planning department have already given it the "N.O.D." (Notice Of Decision to grant a planning permit) without consulting, or even informing the community about the proposal. No permit application notice was posted on the site when tha planning application was received by the council planning department on September 6th 2017.  This issue was raised with the planning department at an objectors meeting to which a council representative responded that they were not required to post a notice on the site.  A subsequent delegation report from town planning claimed that a notice had been posted on the site.  This false statement was called-out at  the Planning Referral Committee Meeting on March 26 2018 and 2 days later a notice was finally posted on the site of the proposed development.  It appears certain people in Town Planning did not want the community to know about this application.

This proposed development is basically just a "cash grab" for Melbourne company Total Outdoor Media Pty Ltd. They want to install a permanent 6 meter High by 12.66 meter wide billboard at the traffic lights on the corner of Fifteenth St and Karadoc Ave in what is the heart of the Irymple community. This type of advertising is not appropriate as it does not suit the existing style of development in this predominantly residential area, and detracts from the rural appeal of our town that differentiates us from metropolitan cities. Also if a billboard is installed on this site it will be permanently lost for any other use which could benefit the local community.

Thanks to a small group of objectors this proposed development will have to go to council for a decision so now is the time to weigh-in with an objection if you wish to be heard on this matter. The planning department has indicated that this proposal will be recommended for approval but further objections from the community will be considered. If a sufficient number of people take 5 minutes to email in an objection this development may be stopped.
Objection form can be downloaded from the council website

The next planning forum (open to objectors and the general public) regarding this matter will be at 5.30pm on Monday 16th April at Council's Council room at 76 Deakin Avenue Mildura with the result to be taken to Councillors at 5.30pm on Tuesday 24th April.

Planning Permit Application Number 005.2017.00000266.001
Construction & display of MAJOR FREESTANDING PROMOTIONAL SIGN. on 2092 Fifteenth St Irymple
Applicant: Total Outdoor Media Pty Ltd


Please take 5 miutes to download the objection form and fill it out.  It should be returned to council offices before April 16th 2018 to be considered at the final planning department forum.

It can be handed over the counter at Council's Madden Ave office, 

mailed to  "Planning Services, Mildura Rural City Council, PO Box 105 Mildura 3502

emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or left at Irymple Foot Clinic.  We also have forms printed and ready to go at our reception desk so please drop in and fill one out.



Planning application 005.2017.00000266.001   September 6th 2017 Construction & display of MAJOR PROMOTIONAL SIGN

Planning application revision

Planning delegation report  March 21st 2018  This report is from MRCC's Statutory Planner indicating he will recommend Council to approve this application

MRCC Form - Objection To Planning Permit Application.  This form has been pre-filled with the application details.  It just needs your opinion regarding the proposed development.





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